10 Fastest Attacks In Hunter X Hunter

The world of Hunter x Hunter is full of unique characters with a unique set of skills and abilities. Yoshihiro Togashi made sure to introduce nen as a power system that could be bent and stretched just as much as Hisoka’s Bungee Gum. The flexible nature of nen allows its practitioners to bend it to their will, creating attacks that suit their personality and fighting style.

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Characters like Killua and Cheetu use their nen to further enhance their speed with abilities like Godspeed and the Monroe Walk. These two attacks, and a few other lightning-quick hatsu, are so fast that they allow their practitioners to take down their opponents before they even know what hit them.

10 Whirlwind Turns Killua’s Godspeed Into An Unstoppable Attack

Killua’s ability to transmute his nen into lightning started off as the simple application of lightning to his base attacks. Through rigorous training and the impending threat of world domination during the Chimera Ant Arc, Killua managed to turn his hatsu into an impossibly fast attack that he called Whirlwind.

While in his Godspeed state, Killua is able to bypass his nervous system and enter a state similar to Goku’s Ultra Instinct. This state allows him to attack at speeds that not even Youpi, the most powerful of all the Chimera Ant Royal Guards, could defend against.

9 Meruem’s Base Speed ​​Outpaces Every Other Attack In The Series

The only Chimera Ant that stood a chance of countering Killua’s Godspeed was the Chimera Ant King himself. Meruem’s abilities are so far removed from the rest of Hunter x Hunter‘s character list that it took one of the strongest nen users in the world and a deadly atomic poison to take him down.

With his nen-enhanced speed, Meruem was able to step between Isaac Netero and Zeno Zoldyck before they even realized that he had moved. Even after activating his 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva, Netero was still too slow to take down Meruem.

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Despite his relatively limited amount of screen time, Isaac Netero is a fan favorite character within the Hunter x Hunter fandom His goofy personality and mastery of nen make him one of the best gray haired sensei in anime.

During Netero’s battle against Meruem, fans were finally given the chance to see just how powerful the Chairman of the Hunter’s Association truly was. After a grueling battle of unfathomable speed and strength, Netero fell, but not before showing the full extent of the 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva.

7 Zeno Zoldyck’s Dragon Lance Is Cool & Fast

Zeno Zoldyck’s Dragon style hatsu is one of the coolest looking nen abilities in all of Hunter x Hunter. It also happens to be one of the fastest and most versatile attacks in the series. The first time the former head of the Zoldyck family put his Dragon Lance on display, it was fast enough to keep up with Chrollo Lucilfer.

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There is no telling just how fast this attack truly is, but it seems to move as fast as Zeno can direct it. Considering the old man’s brilliant strategic mind and incredible base speed, the Dragon Lance would be an extremely difficult attack to dodge.

6 The Remote Punch Was Good Enough For Leorio & Ging

The Remote Punch single-handedly saved Leorio’s character in the eyes of Hunter x Hunter fans. Prior to the moment he stood up to the Zodiacs and landed a punch on Ging Freecss, few fans took Leorio seriously.

Watching one of Gon’s friends strike Ging by throwing a punch through a portal was one of the greatest moments in the 13th Hunter Chairman Election Arc. The attack was so fast and powerful that Ging even added it to his own arsenal of tricks in the manga arc that followed.

5 Illumi’s Needles Are Almost Impossible To Dodge

The manipulation type of nen is not known for its direct offensive attacks. Still, Illumi Zoldyck makes good on his name by designing his hatsu around acupuncture needles that give him immediate control over those that he sticks.

The way Illumi wields these acupuncture needles in combat is incredible. While chasing Killua during the 13th Hunter Chairman Election Arc, he managed to coral a small army of zombified slaves within seconds. Illumi even managed to pin Killua with one of his needles prior to the Hunters Exam Arc.

4 Terpsichora Puppeteering Makes Neferpitou Even Faster

As a Chimera Ant Royal Guard, Neferpitou is in possession of an incredible amount of nen. Not even a trained hunter like Kite stood a chance against Neferpitou’s raw speed and strength, and that was before the Royal Guard developed her own hatsu.

The Terpsichora used a conjured puppeteer to manipulate Neferpitou’s very own limbs. By relying on the conjured puppet to guide her movements, Neferpitou managed to surpass her already incredible speed and even enhance the power behind each of her punches.

3 Shoot McMahon Manipulates Nen At Breakneck Speeds

Shoot McMahon is not a man of action, but when pushed to his limit, he is capable of unleashing a flurry of attacks that few can match. During the Chimera Ant Arc, Shoot was pushed into a corner by Menthuthuyoupi and showed viewers what a manipulator is capable of when they aren’t using their nen to manipulate other humans.

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By using his nen to conjure a small handful of fists, shoot turns into a fighter capable of attacking at incredible speeds from any direction. His attacks were so unpredictable that even Youpi couldn’t keep up with them.

2 Gotoh’s Coin’s Move Faster Than A Speeding Bullet

When Gon, Kurapika, and Leorio went to free Killua from his family estate, it was made abundantly clear that the Zoldycks possessed incredible strength. Just pushing through the outer gate required a degree of strength that no average human could possess.

After making it through the gate, Gon and his friends met a butler named Gotoh, who tested their skills with some fancy coin juggling tricks. A few arcs later, Gotoh met Hisoka in the woods and proved that his coin tricks were more than just fancy. They were also extremely fast and extremely deadly.

1 Nobunaga’s Simple Domain Cannot Be Crossed

Every member of the Phantom Troupe is incredibly powerful and Nobunaga is no exception. The resident swordsman of the troupe is in possession of a quick draw technique that will remind Jujutsu Kaisen fans of useless Miwa’s simple domain.

Just like Miwa’s compact domain, Nobunaga’s nen creates an aura around him that senses incoming threats. If an enemy makes contact with his aura, Nobunaga instinctively draws his sword, slicing through the invader at unfathomable speeds. Not even Killua was willing to test Nobunga’s quick draw after he and Gon were captured by the Phantom Troupe.

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