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Why is the information in Dining with Diabetes important for people with diabetes and their family?

Assistant Professor at the University of Tennessee Extension, Dr. Kristen Johnson, PhD, RDN, diabetes is a preventable disease and other family members may be at risk for developing diabetes. Research has shown that healthy eating, physical activity, and maintaining a healthy weight is important for preventing diabetes and for managing diabetes once it has been diagnosed.

Many of the complications of diabetes can be prevented or delayed. Dining with Diabetes will help you manage your diet to help you control your blood sugar. This is an important step in preventing complications of diabetes. Some of the complications of diabetes include kidney and nerve damage, heart disease, stroke, amputations as well as other problems. The obesity and overweight rate among Tennessee adults is about 67 percent. Tennessee now has the sixth highest obesity rate in the nation. Overweight and obesity are one of the greatest risk factors for diabetes. About 12.7 percent of Tennessee adults have diabetes.

Types 2 diabetes is becoming more common among young people. Tennessee ranks 7th among states with highest diabetes rates. About 38.5 percent of Tennessee adults have been diagnosed with high blood pressure.

Overton County Extension office is offering Dining with Diabetes classes that will help you gain cooking skills and tools needed to follow a diet plan for diabetes. Dining with Diabetes is a hands-on learning program designed for people with diabetes or those at risk for diabetes. All family members will benefit from the healthy eating information taught in this program.

What will I learn? Practical skills for day-to-day- food choice, quick and healthy cooking techniques, how to identify and monitor the amount of carbohydrates, sodium and fat eaten, importance of whole grains in managing diabetes and how to identify food sources, how to modify favorite recipes to reduce refined carbohydrates, sodium and saturated fat, how to identify sources of “healthy” fats in food such as, monounsaturated, and polyunsaturated fat including food sources of omega 3 fatty acids, how to identify hidden sources of trans fat in food , how to use artificial sweeteners, how to prevent food borne illnesses, how to discuss your special dietary needs with your health provider, and the types and importance of physical activity in managing blood sugar.

The Overton County UT Extension Office is offering an opportunity for you to enroll in the Dining with Diabetes class series on August 8, 15, 22, and 29 at 1 pm The cost for all four classes is $15.

Register online at https://forms.gle/HWscoWoWbSXX5tnN7 or call 931-823-2735.

Take action today and learn to control your diabetes.


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