Fitness Expert Nawaz Shaikh Talks On Reversing Type-2 Diabetes With Healthy Lifestyle Tips

In a span of 2 years, my team & I have worked with more than 2000+ patients who had suffered from hormonal imbalance, it’s incredible to believe that just through a minute lifestyle changes, one’s diabetes can improve drastically.” Following are some tips to be followed daily to reverse long standing diabetes.

Firstly, patiently understand your disease: Every time you eat food, it is digested & the blood sugar levels (glucose) rise because carbohydrates, proteins and fats break down. The job of the insulin (produced by pancreas), is to take the glucose in your blood and put it into the cells of your muscles & fats. Then these muscle & fats stores the glucose that the body will use while energy- breakdown in the future.

Now sometimes these cells become resistant to insulin, meaning that the insulin is “knocking” against the cell-door but the cell-door does not respond at all, and glucose is not transferred into the cells. Ultimately, your pancreas produces an excess of insulin, so the “knock” is loud enough for the cells to open & take in that glucose. Now, your cells have become resistant to this knock & if prolonged, the pancreas loses their ability to produce more insulin. This kind of “insulin resistance” is termed Type 2 diabetes. What causes this is the “Metabolic Syndrome”, a group of conditions involving excess weight, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, elevated triglycerides or all of these 3 things & bad cholesterol.

Maintaining Sugar levels: Sugar depletes potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium from your body leading to cellular dehydration, chronic muscle spasms. Minerals like chromium, zinc and magnesium allow the cells to hear that knock of insulin but more sugar intake depletes these minerals too, hence reducing the sensitivity of the cells.

Consume Plant Based Diet: Avoiding or controlling non-veg food & dairy products will help in the reversal process. Such foods consist of antibiotics & hormones & we already know that insulin is a hormone itself & this disease is caused by hormonal imbalance. So it is wise to avoid excess hormones to enter the body, making it even more imbalanced. Go for lentils, legumes, grains, brown rice, quinoa, and millets to resolve a lot of insulin disorders.

Diet balancing the Nutrients, Minerals & Vitamins adequately: There is a substantial loss of nutrients via urine during high glucose levels in your blood. Hence, they need to be replenished. You need the correct Vitamin B for your cells to recognize that knock & open up to take that “excess glucose”. Low immunity is a result of low Vitamin D3 & C, Magnesium gets depleted resulting in calf pain, muscular pain & joint pains. So, these all are to be checked and balanced in your diet.

Include Fiber Rich Food More: Fiber does not affect your insulin & it delays the process of breaking down glucose in your body. For instance, if you eat fruit, it will increase your blood sugar levels. However, if you then eat a handful of nuts or veggies, rich in protein & fiber, the breaking down of previous glucose will be a slower process. Hence, better sugar levels. Also make sure, the Sabji are home cooked.

Exercise daily: Optimizing fat loss makes your hormones Balanced where your cells will open up & take in the excess glucose, store it, and then burns it when energy is used but when imbalanced, the cells are “insulin resistant”. Engage yourself in strength training for 4-5 days a week or atleast walk for 20 minutes every day with a healthy diet plan. This itself will regulate your insulin faster.

Optimize your sleep cycle: Hormones take roughly 6.5-8 hours to balance themselves, sleeping lesser than this will cause hormonal imbalance & insulin is a hormone itself. This is why diabetes patients have heart, thyroid and kidney issues because of inadequate sleep.

Say a big NO to Stress: Elevated levels of stress have a direct impact on diabetes. Cortisol is a stress hormone released immediately. As a result, insulin decreases & the body is tuned to keep as much as blood sugar glucose in its system for that energy to fight that cortisol. The best is to engage in your favorite hobby, do Yoga/exercises, socialise with the right people and try to stay calm & content.


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