Freeing Mutulu: Clock ticks for compassionate release of 2Pac’s dying political prisoner stepfather

Given six months to live, political prisoner Mutulu Shakur might die in prison because authorities see the cancer-stricken 71-year-old as a potential recidivist. On July 20, rallied outside of the Department of Justice in Washington, DC to deliver a letter signed by more than 200 faith leaders demanding the release of the Republic of New Afrika figure so he could spend his last moments free and next to the family.

The stepfather of slain rap icon Tupac Shakur, Mutulu Shakur forged his own legacy in New York City as a revolutionary, a healer and an always sharply-dressed man. The Black Liberation Army member worked at the Lincoln Detox program in the ’70s, offering acupuncture at the South Bronx clinic as an alternative to methadone treatments during the “War on Drugs.”

“One of the beautiful things in the [Free Mutulu] campaign is that there are a lot of folks who have a ‘Mutulu healed me’ story,” said Jomo Muhammad of the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement. “They range from folks who actually knew him before he was incarcerated to…those young men who served time with Mutulu [who] bear witness to the transformation that he brought in their lives…many of them have left prison and now are leading full and holistic lives and they give most if not all the credit to Mutulu.”

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