New Banbury area aid effort makes urgent appeal for supplies for front-line fighters in Ukraine

The group, established by Ewa Walton – a Polish dental practitioner at Hook Norton – is supported by Sibford construction expert Matt Waring and Hook Norton Brewery boss, James Clarke.

The three have a large support team behind them sorting, packing and labeling supplies at the brewery.

Ms Walton and Mr Waring returned from Ukraine on Sunday, having driven the first of a number of 4 x 4 vehicles across Europe to help those on the front line. And they have appealed to the Banburyshire public for a long list of items specifically for this area of ​​defense.

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Matt Waring and Ewa Walton are pictured on the plane on the way home from Ukraine

“After visiting Ukraine I realise what a mammoth task we face to keep these people healthy and able to continue to defend themselves,” said Mr Waring. “There are so many so close to not being able to see hope; we must expand and generate as much funding as possible to help.”

A Just Giving page has been set up with a target of £10,000 and by today (Tuesday) the total of donations had reached £2,785 which will be spent on vehicles, food, medical supplies, boots and other items.

“Ewa and I took a 4WD over for use in evacuating wounded soldiers and to move things around. We hope to have another three or four more vehicles by our next deadline of May 16. We will take donations of all sorts but they need transport urgently It’s hard to describe, but Ukraine is a huge, vast country.

“If they haven’t got food and they’re not mobile it will all be over. We have to protect them and help make them strong enough to fight; if they’re starving they won’t be able to.

Matt Waring and Ewa Walton set off on their journey across Europe to Ukraine in the donated 4×4

“They’re the only defense at the moment. There is help coming from other countries – vehicles and munitions – but on the front line it is local men, boys, women, and grandparents who are involved – everybody is fighting – they have to A lot of munitions are being sent in from the UK, the US and Europe.”

The list of items needed for the next trip to Ukraine includes tinned meat, fish, beans, mackerel and sardines; dried sausage and meats that will not crush in backpacks; Pot Noodles; cereal bars and ready-to-eat meal bars; 25 liter metal fuel cans (not plastic); lightweight sleeping mats; sturdy/lightweight walking boots (men’s size 10 or larger) with hard toe cover; painkillers, bandages/dressings; tactical gloves, knee protectors and cargo backpacks; solar power packs for recharging; men’s underwear and socks.

Donations should be taken to the brewery.

“We are hoping to raise the funds to allow us to supply all of the above to where it’s needed most in the Ukraine, and those help that need to be evacuated, as soon as we can. Any donation, no matter how small, will make a difference,” said Mr Waring.

To contact the team call 07949 819694.

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