New Greenwich acupuncture practice focuses on physical and mental health, working as a ‘natural pain killer’

GREENWICH — An Old Greenwich resident who just opened her own acupuncture business on the west end of town said her interest in the alternative medicine practice was borne from her own experience in managing pain.

“I hurt my shoulder swimming 15 years ago,” said Susan Knight, who is a general practitioner of acupuncture.

“We had so many sports surgeries in my family that I just couldn’t bear it. I went and received acupuncture, and in 11 sessions I was healed. I went in not being able to lift my arm over my shoulder,” she said. “It was then that I began amassing my collection of books.”

After operating her practice out of her home, she launched Susan Knight Acupuncture at 100 Melrose Ave., off West Putnam Avenue near Wendy’s, in June with a “soft opening” and held an official ribbon-cutting on Wednesday.

The acupuncture practice focuses on mental health benefits as well as physical benefits, Knight said. She treats chronic pain as well as neurological conditions such as multiple sclerosis.

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