Nick Eason previews 2022 season, Clemson defensive tackles

CLEMSON — At Clemson media day two weeks ago, defensive tackles coach Nick Eason fielded questions from the local media.

The primary takeaways are below.

— Said Bryan Bresee and Tre Williams are healthy. Now the charge is staying healthy.

“That’s going to be a constant thing they’re going to have to work on throughout the year. They’re going to have to learn to be pros before they become pros. As they’ve gotten cleared to play, I’ve challenged them to be pro-active in taking care of their bodies.

“The defensive tackles were decimated by injuries last year and that hurt the team. So really encouraging those guys to take care of their bodies.

“Recruits and players watch guys play on Sunday, but they don’t see the acupuncture, the cryotherapy, the massage therapy, and all the other things that go on beyond the scenes. Those things are what win championships.”

— Said Clemson has some of the best depth at defensive tackle in the country.

“Everybody in the room can play. If those guys put in the work, we’ll be the best in the country. We have all the tools you’re looking for. The biggest thing I’m focusing on is staying healthy and continuing to develop the talent in the room.”

— On Tyler Davis:

“I think some of the things that Wes is going to do and that I’ve brought to the table is really going to cave to his skill set.”

— Said Payton Page was the most improved player in the spring. Said he’s got all the tools to become a dominant nose tackle.

“Next up would be Demonte Capehart. He went through the spring without any major injuries and he got better. He’s 6-5, 310 pounds, moves well. He’s learning to play with good pad level and execute his technique and fundamentals and he can become dominant too.”

— Said he thinks he’s starting to answer those questions he got from coaches when he transitioned from NFL to college regarding if he can recruit.

“For me it’s just about being authentic.”

— On conference realignment and how Clemson might be affected:

“Coach (Dabo) Swinney has done a great job of instilling the culture here. We are just going to be ourselves. We don’t get caught up in all the changes and shenanigans. We are faith-based and our foundation is based on Christ. We are just going to continue to work and let everybody else fight one another. I consider us like the quiet storm. standard is our standard and we are who we are and that’s not going to change.”

— On Wes Goodwin:

“Big surprises come in small packages. With him standing at 4-foot-11, I’m not going to be surprised with the way our defense is going to look. I think Wes is going to bring his own flavor to this defense and I’m really excited about some of the things he’s going to do. We are going to do a great job of putting guys in position to make plays.”

Said Goodwin is very collaborative and wants his assistants’ input.

“I love working with him. He reminds me of Dick LeBeau, who was my defensive coordinator at the Steelers. Myself and the other assistants are going to do everything we can to make sure he’s the best defensive coordinator in the nation.

“Things are going to be a lot simpler, yet still complicated at times when we need to be. And let our guys play fast. I think that’s the difference.”

— Said in Goodwin’s free time at home, he’s probably drawing up plays.

“And I’m not exaggerating.”

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