Rob Portman’s vote against insulin cap a betrayal of promise

Mitch Lerner is a Clintonville resident who has been active in diabetes advocacy causes in Ohio for almost three decades.

There are very few opportunities in today’s politics for senators to cast a clear vote on a narrow and straightforward proposal.

On Aug. 7, however, senators had exactly such an opportunity, when they voted on a Democratic plan to cap co-pays for insulin at $35 a month.

Ohio Sen. Rob Portman voted against that proposal. In doing so, he abandoned more than 1 million Ohioans who have diabetes, including all three of my children.

All of my kids have Type 1 diabetes — the less-common version sometimes known as juvenile diabetes because its onset tends to come at a young age.

In this disease, a person’s autoimmune system destroys the insulin-producing cells in their pancreas, leaving them unable to produce this vital hormone.

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