Scott Van Pelt’s Emotional Tribute To His Dog Otis Is Perfect

  • ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt shared an emotional tribute to his dog Otis and it’s a perfect expression of the unique love we share with dogs
  • Van Pelt used the ‘One Big Thing’ segment to share details of his life and love with Otis and it’s something that every dog ​​owner can relate to
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I put off watching Scott Van Pelt’s tribute to Otis the Dog for most of yesterday. Then I opened Twitter this morning and it happened to be the first thing I watched and it’s quite simply, perfect.

I’d avoided watching Scott Van Pelt’s ‘One Big Thing’ tribute to his dog Otis because I was projecting what I thought he might say. And as is the case with many of SVP’s segments of the year his delivery was transcendent.

He put into words things I could never fully articulate. Scott Van Pelt eloquently and emotionally describes the unconditional love we receive from dogs and this segment’s so good I half-hope he writes a book about it one day. Just hit that ‘play’ button and enjoy.

Scott Van Pelt’s Emotional Tribute To His Dog Otis Is Perfect

If this segment resonated with you then I’m guessing you’ve been touched by a dog’s love in some way. Not to make this about me, but the portion about not knowing what to tell his kids was the part that resonated the most. I have an 11-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog who is rapidly aging and has been wearing doggie diapers for over a year now because of a spinal issue creeping up her back causing sensation loss.

It’s been hard. So, so hard. It’ll be even harder. We thought we were going to lose her about six months ago and I had to order a handful of children’s books on Amazon that were all about how to tell my 3-year-old son our dog was gone. That day is on the horizon. I’m now taking my sweet girl to the vet at least once a week for acupuncture and laser spine treatments. They’re helping but she’s old and I find myself reflecting on the past decade+.

This was the first dog of my own, every other dog I grew up with was my parent’s. Scott Van Pelt talked about the contract we signed when we got our dogs and how we agreed to the heartache at the end and honestly, even though I’ve lost my closest family members, I’m not sure I’m ready for the end but when it comes I’ll be revisiting this video from SVP as a source of comfort.

It’s been nice to see the incredible show of emotional support for SVP

I’m not sure if you still read BroBibleScott, but if you’re seeing this then know this segment touched a lot of people and spread a lot of love.


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