An acupuncturist, chiropractors and more: How the Storm’s training staff fuels longevity for players like Sue Bird | Basketball

SEATTLE — Among the Seattle Storm’s players and the other sports training staff members, Melony Cable is known as “Magic Mel.” New players don’t even know her full name, she says with a smile. The nickname is still a little embarrassing for the Storm’s team acupuncturist. But over the years, she’s come to accept it … Read more

New Report On Disposable Acupuncture Needle Market Evolving Technology and Growth Outlook 2022 to 2028

Global Disposable Acupuncture Needle market report gives a comprehensive overview of the sector, including qualitative and quantitative data. It provides a global Disposable Acupuncture Needle market overview and forecast based on numerous segments. The business intelligence report on Disposable Acupuncture Needle market discusses relevant aspects with the potential to drive the growth trajectory of this … Read more

Chronic Migraines Made Daily Life Unbearable — Until I Tried This Ancient Technique

2013 was the most hectic year of my life — one that brought on debilitating chronic migraine headaches I only found relief from after taking a risk on what I’d heard about the benefits of acupuncture. I had just returned from a semester abroad in Australia. While I was away, Hurricane Sandy destroyed my home … Read more

Acupuncture therapy in pets

This nonpharmacological form of treatment, rooted in Eastern medicine, can help with a variety of conditions Tabitha, an 18-year-old, sweet-natured feline was struggling to move comfortably around the household. Her owner had exhausted many of the options offered to help ease the pain she was experiencing from her arthritic joints. Acupuncture was suggested to Tabitha’s … Read more

Dogtopia, Modern Acupuncture Use Skillsets to Support Veterans | Franchise News

The decision to secure credentials from her local VA hospital to provide acupuncture services was an easy—and personal—one for Shannon Ackley. She and her husband, who owns a Modern Acupuncture clinic together in Glendale, Arizona, have many relatives who served in the armed forces. “For us, it’s a way—while we didn’t serve individually—it’s a way … Read more

Red Wing Chiropractic Clinic celebrates 45 years | Local News

Dr. Jay Greenberg opened Red Wing Chiropractic Clinic 45 years ago this month and is happy that his practice has remained a popular, drugless form of health care. “I was busy from the first day I opened in 1977 – actually I was busy before that,” Greenberg said. “Somehow people had heard that we were … Read more

Alternative medicine for your pet’s medications | Herald Community Newspapers

By Luke Feeney Most people would wince at the thought of putting a needle in their pet. However, at Long Island Veterinary Acupuncture this is their speciality. Long Island Veterinary Acupuntcture, founded in 2008 by Dr. Nina Malik, specializes in treating cats and dogs and exotic animals. Malik believes in a holistic approach to helping … Read more

Lift Your Mood with Acupuncture

Lift Your Mood with Acupuncture Category: Health Published: Wednesday, 27 July 2022 22:23 Dr. Eugenio Jimenez de Castro, Acupuncture If you’re feeling anxious about staying healthy this summer, you’re not alone. As the stressors pile up, it may be time to lie down, close your eyes, and go under the needle — the acupuncture needle, … Read more

Diabetes to stress: Benefits of acupuncture beyond body pain

Most of us are starting to catch the wind of acupuncture treatments. The amount of people suffering from back and joint problems has increased drastically and when searching for treatments, acupuncture is flashed in front of our face like a big red bulb, hard to ignore. So, what is all the fuss about? We will … Read more