Acupuncture Market Valuation Worth USD 151 Billion by 2030 at 17.1% CAGR – Report by Market Research Future (MRFR)

Acupuncture Market Trends and Insights by Product & Services (Services, Product), Application (Pain Syndrome Illnesses, Gynecological Disorders, Others), by End-User (Wellness Center, Hospitals & Specialty Clinics, Others), Competitive Market Growth, Size, Share and Forecast to 2030 /EIN News/ — New York, USA, July 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Acupuncture Market Overview According to a Comprehensive … Read more

Allergy Immunotherapy is more common as allergy sick in Michigan

LANSING, Mich. (WILX) – Warmer weather has come to Michigan and that means pollen has too. If you’re sniffling and sneezing more this week, you’re not alone. More and more people are trying allergy Immunotherapy, a potential life changer for those suffering from allergies. Dr. Lawrence Hennessey is an allergist in Okemos and President-Elect for … Read more

Pamplin Media Group – How to corral spring allergies

It’s possible for seasonal allergy sufferers to both have their spring and enjoy it Spring is synonymous with rebirth. Each spring, flowers begin to bloom again, the grass grows, and people from all walks of life rekindle their love affair with the great outdoors. Unfortunately, spring also marks the return of a familiar foe: allergies. … Read more

Allergy season to start earlier, last longer due to climate change

Spring allergies are well underway for those affected this time of the year. And if it seems like allergy season is starting a little earlier each year, that’s because it is. According to a new study out of the University of Michigan, climate change is making allergy season last longer and start sooner, now beginning … Read more

Could climate change be cause of worsening allergies? | Community

Dear EarthTalk: Could climate change really be making my allergies worse? — L. Pulaski, New Bern, North Carolina Pollen may be an unfortunate contributor to poor health in the first place, but there are signs that this nuisance will become worse. Warm weather contributes to an uptick in pollen count, and air pollution can concentrate … Read more

Allergy season in Kansas City worse each year, studies show

Have your seasonal allergies hitting you harder than ever in recent years? It’s not your imagination: Studies show that pollen counts are increasing and that spring is arriving earlier in Kansas City. Researchers have linked more intense allergy seasons to the climate crisis, since warmer temperatures can lead to more pollen in the air and … Read more

COVID or allergies? Spring makes it tough to tell

Sareen HabeshianNextstar Media Wire Posted: May 7, 2022 / 09:23 AM CDT | Updated: May 7, 2022 / 09:23 AM CDT A woman with a face mask sneezes while shopping in a grocery store in this undated photo. (Getty Images) (KTLA) — Spring is in full swing, and normally that means allergies for many. But … Read more

COVID or allergies? Spring weather may make it tough to tell what’s ailing you

(KTLA) – Spring is in full swing, and normally that means allergies for many. But with COVID-19 cases increasing again, you may be asking yourself if you have the virus or if it’s just allergies. Allergies affect as many as 60 million people per year in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease … Read more

Why Allergy Season Is Getting Longer

Photo: sruilk (Shutterstock) If it seems like allergy season is getting worse every year, you’re probably not imagining it. Scientists who study the timing and movement of pollen have found that allergy seasons really have been getting longer, and potentially more severe. One good read on the subject is This piece from the Conversation, which … Read more