The Company That Redefined the Health Supplies Market is Spreading its Wings

Medenterx is thriving like never before…

POMONA, Calif., May 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The company, with its blend of advanced technology and network of trusted sellers, seems to only be gaining momentum. With a consistent and dramatic rise in website traffic, it appears the company is becoming the day-to-day solution for health professionals around the world to order everything from medical, dental, and veterinary supplies to scrubs and office products. Medenterx online platform founded in a bid to bring some stability back to the health industry marketplace and improve these supply chains.

Market stability through technology

With API technology allowing assorted platforms and applications to efficacy communicate with each other without human interruption, the tech is unlocking new levels of efficiency when it comes to service delivery.

Sidestepping the errors and inefficiencies in an already strained marketplace, the Medenterx platform offers its sellers a flexible and reliable way to manage orders, shipments and customer service. Medenterx will deliver cost-effective health care products and services to health professionals and patients around the globe.

Indeed, supply chain problems have beset the healthcare community since the pandemic and look like they may be here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future. Although healthcare executives were more confident now about supply chain reliability than they were at the beginning of the pandemic, many still predict disruption and delays. With 99% of hospital and healthcare organizations recently reporting supply procurement issues, Medenterx is using every tool in the eCommerce space to improve the situation.

From noble concept to eCommerce marketplace giant

With a network of trusted sellers lying at the heart of the Medintrx business model, the company has recently seen its vendor base expand across the entire US. From California to Washington and from Florida to New Yorkthe company now has a network of sellers that would make even the giants of eCommerce marketplace companies’ blush.

With thousands of products available in the Medintrx catalog, including medical and dental supplies, scrubs, office equipment, or anything else a health care professionals might need, the platform is serving as the foundation on which a growing number of entrepreneurs are starting their own eCommerce businesses.

With the site experiencing an ever-increasing amount of online traffic, the platform has transformed Medenterx from being just a noble concept into a thriving eCommerce marketplace. That said, Medenterx President and CEO, Dr. Manar Jamal, is adamant that the company’s commitment to quality and service shouldn’t slip as a result. The sellers that Medentrx partners with need a track record in first-class customer service, competitive pricing, and fast reliable delivery, the qualities that Dr. Jamal founded the company upon.

The marketing edge; What does the future hold?

In a bid to capitalize on the momentum the company has gained in recent months, Medentrx has embarked upon a widespread email and online ad campaigns. Coupled with this, the company is intent on using social media platforms to spread the company’s name and values ​​as much as possible. And why not? Reliable and responsible companies are hard to find at the best of times, and when it comes to people’s health, the more people know the name Medenterx, the better. While the company may not quite be the ‘Amazon’ of the health products industry yet, stay tuned because it’s quickly turning into the go-to solution for the health care industry.

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