The Do-It-Yourself guide to managing seasonal allergies

Dr. Peter Barkett

This time of year, days are getting longer and weather is getting warmer. After our wet and dry winter, it is finally time to get outside and take a bike ride or launch new projects in the yard. Unfortunately, the same things that make it a good time to walk amongst the cherry blossoms also make it a bad time for allergy sufferers. New spring buds mean pollen in the air, and at times, it feels as though we have traded dustings of tree pollen for the dustings of snow. Itchy eyes, runny noses and scratchy throats are here. This month I am sharing a Do-It-Yourself guide to managing allergies.

Step 1: Managing allergies without medications

As a physician sometimes my reflex is to think if there is a pill that can help in any given situation, but when it comes to allergies there are some things to consider before medication. When possible, try avoiding a known trigger of your allergies. That might be avoiding cats or dogs or staying inside when a particular plant is in bloom. If you react to Scotch broom, then try jogging at the gym rather than outdoors when Scotch broom is in bloom.

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