The Strange Cure For The Chronic Foot Pain That Was Ruining My Life

I’m not being dramatic when I say that chronic pain (which I later learned was plantar fasciitis) in my feet was ruining my life.

I was waitressing at the time, and I spent a good part of the year traveling (both of which required functioning feet). During a particularly long work shift, it felt like I was walking with wooden boards instead of shoes. The arches of my feet felt stiff, and the heels felt like stabbing victims. I propped myself up back in the kitchen when I could. And sometimes, when I had no tables, I would sit on the toilet in the bathroom stall, just to be off my feet.

When I’d wake up in the morning, I couldn’t walk. If I put pressure on my feet, it felt like I would collapse. I start walking on the sides of them until they got warmed up enough to work properly.

This went on for about a month, but I tried to ignore it. I was saving up for a six-week backpacking trip around Europe and I needed all the money I could get, so I pushed through those double shifts.

Before leaving for Europe, I bought a pair of Toms, figuring that they were good shoes for walking. I tested them out and ended up returning them. It still hurt to walk.

Once we got to Europe, the situation wasn’t any better. I had to take frequent breaks to sit, and I was in so much pain that I couldn’t appreciate the sites.

Thinking my shoes were the problem, I spent a good chunk of change on some Pumas in Italy. I figured that this high-end brand would give my feet the support they needed. It turns out that they weren’t much help at all.


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