The Top Four Fool-Proof Diets To Lose Weight

It is not a new thing that each year a new diet catches the attention of the masses. It always pops up with a new name to mark its presence in the health community. In reality, the quick-weight-loss plan never works out in long term. The short-term results never last. However, it does not apply to all diets!

There are scientifically backed up diets that not only help in losing weight but improve your overall health too. But the diet is never the only answer. It is the compilation of healthy habits that maintains the results in the long term!

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We have enlisted the top four best diets which are backed up by science as well. So, be ready to lose all that extra weight healthyily. There are almost zero side effects. Besides, the diets might help you boost your health.

Read below to know all about the effective diets to shed pounds in 2022:

1. Mediterranean Diet:

According to the certified dietitian and manager of the Bionutrition Research Core at Columbia University states & we quote:

“There is no standard definition of the Mediterranean diet per se, but it emphasizes plant-based, heart-healthy foods.”

The diet contains all the richness of organic foods. It is renowned for its traditional cooking of the region and mainly comprises the following foods:

  • Whole grains such as whole wheat and brown rice.
  • Seeds and Nuts.
  • Lean Protein such as poultry and fish.
  • Dairy.
  • Fresh veggies & fruits.
  • Legumes such as lentils and beans.
  • Heart-healthy fats like olives and peanut oils.

In this diet, you can’t consume packaged foods or even red meat. You also have to avoid all the meals that are higher in sugar. The foods that lead to chronic illnesses such as diabetes heart disease etc.

How the Mediterranean diet does help in losing weight?

We have listed a few reasons below that help in weight management & also promote weight loss:

· High in fiber:

When you consume foods that are higher in fiber then you feel full for longer hours. The soluble fiber also helps in reducing appetite. It also stabilizes your blood sugar. That’s why you don’t end up munching or craving sugary treats!

· Heart-healthy Fats:

Your digestive system loves heart-healthy fats. They are slower to digest and thus we don’t feel hungry.

· Decreases the risk of Chronic Diseases:

In accordance to various research, if you follow an harmful eating plan such as the Mediterranean diet, it will decrease the risk of diseases like heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes as well.

Therefore, you can follow the Mediterranean diet without any hassle. It will surely help you in losing all the weight in a healthy way.

2. The DASH Diet:

Have you heard of the DASH Diet before? If not then, you should read below to know about it.

The Top Four Fool-Proof Diets to Lose Weight

The DASH diet is well-known as Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. It was made to cure & treat high blood pressure. However, the DASH diet also helps in losing and maintaining weight.

According to Julie Stefanski-spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and a certified dietician:

Do you know the diet is enriched with effective minerals such as potassium, magnesium, low sodium, and even calcium?

It is almost similar to the Mediterranean diet as it revolves around high-fiber foods such as fruits, whole grains, and veggies. There are a few differences in the aforementioned diets:

  • You consume low-fat or fat-free dairy items in the DASH diet whereas you eat full-fat foods in a Mediterranean diet.
  • The DASH diet also restricts your salt intake. Thus, it was promoted to help manage hypertension.
  • You eat low-fat dairy foods & Lean protein items, as they are calorie deficit and are considered weight loss food.
  • The diet also helps maintain in your blood pressure.

3. The Whole Food Diet:

The whole food diet comprises all foremost food groups. However, don’t forget to read the labels on your items. You can consume un-refined to unprocessed foods. The diet emphasizes foods that are free of:

  • Free of any added preservative chemicals such as sorbates or benzoates.
  • Free of harmful additives
  • The food does not comprise any artificial color
  • You should avoid labels such as “refined”, “hydrogenated” or “bleached”.

Take a look at the chart below to have a better idea of processed vs. unprocessed foods:

Processed Unprocessed
High-Fructose corn syrup Maple Syrup
Chicken Nuggets Chicken Breast
White Bread Whole Grain Bread

According to a study conducted in 2019:

“People shred weight with a similar amount of calories from unprocessed foods. Meanwhile, they gained weight while consuming the calories from processed foods.”

Therefore, it is proven that unprocessed foods help in losing weight due to lower caloric amounts.

4. The Plant-based diet:

The Top Four Fool-Proof Diets to Lose Weight

The goal of a plant-based diet is to reduce or terminate animal products such as meat, eggs, and dairy. There are distinctive types of plant-based diets. We have listed them below to help you figure out which plant-based diet is helpful for you:

  • Pescatarian: One should eradicate all meat but seafood from the diet.
  • Vegan: It reduces all animal items comprised of dairy and eggs.
  • Vegetarian: It reduces all meat but you can consume dairy and eggs.
  • Vegan: You are not allowed to consume any animal items not even eggs and dairy.

There are many health benefits of a plant-based diet. You eat less red meats or refined meat and consume foods rich in fiber and low in fat.

The Top Four Fool-Proof Diets to Lose Weight

You should always consider the potential health benefits of the diet to the purpose. Make sure to check whether the diet is backed by science or not. Additionally, you should prevent restrictive eating patterns without consulting your dietician.

Moreover, it is important to invest your money, time, and energy wisely. Thus, check out the Marley Spoon to avail one of the topmost meal kits. Make sure to apply Marley Spoon Coupon Code to decrease the rates on online orders.

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