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Trillium Integrative Health Center is taking a new approach to healthcare, by offering “wrap-around” (whole body) services to their clientele.

The idea for a new style of clinic started when Hannah Barnes, Lisa Hendry and Savanna Levenson connected through a mutual friend (the beauty of a small town like Smithers, they said) and began discussing their desires and visions for their individual practices.

“I think when we originally started the clinic, the idea was that we wanted to cover all the components of complementary care for medicine,” Levenson said.

As practitioners in different fields of complementary healthcare, they thought a collaborative and integrative healthcare model that helps their clients address what are often complex and multi-factorial health and wellness needs would be beneficial.

“We had been referring clients to each other over the years, yet found it difficult to connect and collaborate from our separate locations,” said Barners. “We realized that being under one roof would make this a much easier process.”

Their collective vision is to offer a variety of options in one center that support and address the multiple aspects of whole-body wellness.

The clinic offers physiotherapy, registered acupuncture, registered massage, therapeutic counseling, hypno-birthing and holistic nutritional counseling, mental/emotional health, cancer care and post-operative healing and they continue to add services to their team.

“For example, counseling is a key service we also offer, and Janet Holyk has been with us almost from the start, so she is key in also helping assess which services may best help along clients with her services,” Barnes explained.

“Our intention is to educate and empower the patient, by providing access to passionate, highly skilled, and well-educated healthcare providers,” added Levenson.

The three women explained they also wanted physicians in the community to be able to refer patients to a place that would be able to help in all aspects of health needs under one roof.

“It’s a lot of teamwork amongst ourselves, and the doctors who refer their patients to us, giving people many approaches to their best health,” Hendry said.

They also refer patients to each other when they have a client who can’t use one practitioner’s set of skills. Each has a certain scope of practice, and if someone needs a different type of care, they talk to each other to discuss some of the patient’s needs to come up with what may be individually appropriate.

“It’s all with clients’ permission, but it’s been really helpful, I think for all of us and our clients,” said Barnes on how they work together.

Although they share a common interest in women’s health, it is not the sole focus of the centre, Hendry wanted to clarify.

“With our collective years of knowledge and experience, we are dedicated to treating and rehabilitating a wide variety of healthcare concerns and injuries in young and old, male, female, and for all people.”

“With the aim to educate and empower our clients to achieve their recovery and wellness goals, while helping them to build a stronger, healthier and more balanced mind and body.”

It is a unique clinic in Smithers, and given that fact, the three felt deciding on a name should be unique as well.

They were drawn to the Latin root “tri,” meaning three to represent the three partners, they explained, also connecting to the medicinal aspect of the trillium, which is an edible plant with a long history of medicinal use by Northern American Indigenous peoples the three explained by conference call.

In addition to their daily clinic work, they also offer workshops on a wide variety of topics.

The clinic is located on Broadway Avenue in Smithers and accepts MSP and plans by most health benefits providers.

They also maintain a website that gives in-depth biographies of each clinician and the many and varied approaches to wellness they offer.
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Trillium Integrative Health Center in Smithers offers whole body wellness. (Google Maps photo)

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