Urogen Pharma Joins Kin Wellness Center As Community Sponsor

BUCKINGHAM TOWNSHIP, Pa. — UroGen Pharma has announced a donation of $25.00o to Kin, an all-inclusive wellness and support center providing free integrative services, fitness, therapy and support to cancer patients and their caregivers across Bucks County.

UroGen Pharma is a Princeton, NJ,-based biotech company dedicated to developing and commercializing innovative solutions that treat urothelial and specialty cancers.

This level of donation makes UroGen Pharma an official Kin community sponsor, according to Kin founding member and executive director Keith Fenimore

“Kin’s mantra, ‘By the Community, For the Community,’ is truly realized by individuals and companies who dedicate their corporate giving to Kin,” he said. “The impact of these funds elevates the non-profit’s ability to care for those in need across Bucks County in cancer treatment and recovery.”

“Kin Wellness and Support Center’s mission and UroGen’s mission are 100 percent aligned. We both want patients to be empowered to manage their diagnoses through treatment, recovery and beyond. We are proud to offer our support,” said Liz Barrett, president and CEO, in sharing the UroGen’s motivation for donating to Kin.

“We are so happy to be the beneficiary of this generous donation and to grow this meaningful relationship with UroGen Pharma as an official sponsor and partner,” said Fenimore. “We welcomed the first guest to our grown center just over six months ago. In this short time we have and now care for close to 200 cancer patients. UroGen Pharma’s support gives us the means to meet the expectations of those in need of our services My hope is that other companies take notice and follow suit.”

Companies and individuals looking to donate locally and support Bucks County cancer patients can connect by calling 267-544-5981 or via email at hello@welcometokin.org. Learn more at www.welcometokin.org.

Kin is an all-inclusive 5,000 square foot retreat, offering support, fitness, therapy and integrative services. Kin is inspired by local Bucks County resident Corinne Sikora, who battled both brain and breast cancer. The center is free to Bucks County residents battling cancer regardless of where they are receiving treatment and welcomes their caregivers as well.

Free programs include nutrition, yoga, fitness, one-on-one counseling, support groups, workshops, massage, reflexology, reiki, chiropractic, acupuncture, and facials.

Kin is a unique center that looks to satisfy the emotional, social and physical needs of cancer patients.

The success of Kin is made possible through generous donations from the local Bucks County Community. Kin’s mission is to help people find calm and peace while centering themselves in a restorative environment. The non-profit strives to bring people to a place where they feel empowered to manage their diagnoses through treatment, recovery and beyond.

Kin is run and operated through the non-profit Main St. missions

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