Weight Loss Diet Powder|1 Magical Ayurvedic Mixture to Help You Reduce Kilos

Obesity is a growing problem in today’s world, owing to an unbalanced diet and a sedentary lifestyle. Being overweight increases your risk of developing diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure. We all know that eating healthy and working out are important tool for weight loss. People use various diet and exercise plans to reduce weight. If you’re someone who wants to start adopting a healthier lifestyle and wants to make certain changes in your diet plan, then you’ve come to the right place. Spilling out an ayurvedic weight loss drink which is considered quite safe and effective. let’s find out.Also Read – What is Low-Sugar Diet, Does it Really Help in Weight Loss? All You Need to Know

Weight loss drink: Cumin, carom seeds, fennel, and asafoetida are all popular spices and medicines. They contain properties that are extremely beneficial to the body. Cumin, carom seeds, fennel, and asafoetida are also used as medicines in Ayurveda. The mixture of this ayurvedic seeds is quite effective for reducing extra kilos. Also Read – Sugar For Weight Loss: Do You Really Need to Cut Down on Refined Sugar to Lose Weight? Dietician Answers!

Benefits of cumin, ajwain, fennel, and asafetida seeds

  1. They are considered beneficial in keeping digestive system healthy as well as aids in getting gastric issues. Doctors recommend including these spices in your diet for getting rid of stomach problems.
  2. These spices are quite beneficial in keeping body’s metabolism right which helps in maintaining weight.
  3. The anti inflammation properties present in cumin, carom seeds, fennel and asafetida powder helps in keeping the stomach full. This helps in controlling appetite and avoids consuming too many calories.
  4. These Ayurveda herbs helps in eliminating extra fat from the body. By consuming it, the extra fat is rapidly reduced.
  5. Cumin, carom seeds, fennel and asafetida are beneficial in reducing blood sugar levels. Hence, making it quite effective for diabetic patients.

Weight loss Diet Powder

To begin, combine cumin, ajwain, fennel, and asafetida seeds in equal parts. Now lightly roast them before grinding them into powder. Store this powder in an airtight container. Take a spoonful of powder with a glass of warm water. Consuming it on an empty stomach in the morning is thought to be more beneficial for weight loss. Aside from drinking it by adding it to water, it can also be used as a spice in salads. Also Read – Swimming For Weight Loss: How Many Calories Do You Really Burn While Swimming?


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