What’s wrong with Michael Caine? Actor sparks health concerns after surgery

Melanie Macleod

Iconic film star Michael Caine89, worried fans after he was seen in London using a walking frame to get around.

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The actor has used a walking stick for stability since breaking his ankle after slipping on ice, but following back surgery has switched to a more supportive walking frame.


Michael Caine needs stability support due to back issues

Speaking on his health earlier this year, Michael shared: “I have a spine problem which affects my leg, so I can’t walk very well.”

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His wife Shakira, 75, who Michael has been married to since 1973, told the Daily Mail in March: “He had a back operation quite recently. He had spinal stenosis.”


Michael Caine’s wife Shakira Caine shared an update on his health earlier this year

Spinal stenosis is when the spaces between the bones of your spine narrow, which can put pressure on the nerves that travel through the spine. This can impact sufferers’ ability to walk, as well as affecting balance and causing a numb feeling.

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It can also cause weakness in the arms and legs and soreness in the lower back when standing. Sitting down can help alleviate symptoms, though they are likely to return upon standing.


Michael Caine uses a walking stick for his film premiere appearances

Spinal stenosis is usually caused by ageing and treatments include physio, or as in Michael’s case, surgery.

The surgery Michael underwent is generally only offered if the condition is affecting your ability to walk, control your bowel or bladder, or do other routine activities.

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Surgery includes removing part of the back vertebrae to create room for the nerves.

Other remedies for Michael’s health condition include applying heat or cold, stretching, strengthening, acupuncture and massage.

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